Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates isn’t a fleeting solution or fad

Pilates is a time-honoured approach to fitness and wellbeing. Developed and practised since the 1920s, the Pilates method is a system of movements and therapeutic exercises that utilise the specialised equipment that was designed by Joseph Pilates.

Exercises that incorporate core and breathwork have been influenced by Joseph’s ideology and at , we concentrate on strengthening everyday functional movement patterns and get both your mind and body to work together as one (in harmony) to ensure that you maximise your body’s overall performance.

What to wear?

We want you to move, so wear clothing that will allow you to do just that. You don’t need to be in the latest fitness gear but it does need to allow freedom in movement. We love our equipment so simple clothing is best. Zips, buttons and belts can leave marks on you and our equipment and mats, so be sure to avoid any ‘complicated’ clothing and most important of all, make sure you are comfortable.

Bring clean socks to wear and a small towel for your head and to wipe up any sweat (oh yes, you’ll be sweating!).

Hydration is very important, so pack a bottle of water to bring to class.

Working your feet is part of your session, so you won’t need to wear shoes.

All of the equipment you will need is at the studio, so you don’t need to bring your own mat.

Who is Pilates For?

We’re all about educating and empowering you to discover new ways to move.
Whether your aim is to run a marathon, or you just want to wake up without feeling achy,  encourages you to invest in your wellbeing, make a connection with movement and regain balance in your mind and body.

How Long Do The Sessions Last?

Each session (including the initial consultation) lasts for one hour.

How Often Should I Attend Class?

When you complete your initial introduction session with Kim, you will work together to create a plan that helps you achieve goals. One session per week is a good start and supplement to exercise outside the studio. Two sessions will supercharge your progress. Three sessions, you’ll be on a fast track to health and wellbeing!

Community Love

“Friendly and Supportive”

Kim has always been incredibly friendly and supportive. She tailors each session to suit the individual needs of those attending…
I encourage people of all ages to give it a go and to find out how beneficial sessions at Think Pilates can be.

Amanda Elliot

“In It For The Long Term”

I had multiple muscular issues which were taking a heavy toll on my well-being with simple injuries taking
months to heal. I felt like I couldn’t (and in all honesty, didn’t) trust my body to do even the simplest of things. Something had to change. Enter Think Pilates – finally a practitioner who cared more about treating the whole person for long term physical wellbeing than a ‘quick fix’, in and out approach. Kim took the time to get to know my body and tailored our sessions to cater for my unique brand of quirky.”

Ellyssa Brenna

“A Game Changer”

Classes are of a manageable number where everyone is made to feel special and cared about and not just a number. Kim is a think outside the box type of person and is always ready with a solution when someone is having difficulty. She encourages and motivates her class. Going to Think Pilates has been a game changer for me, I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone at any life stage.”

Kerrie Smith

“Best I Ever Had”

Kim is the best Pilates Instructor I have ever had, and I have been doing Pilates with various instructors over many years.

Michelle Sproule