Make ThinkPilates your exercise home

Mat Classes

Floor based classes are a fun way to move in a flowing workout. They are a whole-body class, focusing on balancing strength with flexibility and control.

During the class, you will use your own body weight for resistance against gravity.

  • Our Mat classes take place in a group environment, with small groups of 9 or fewer people to ensure corrections can be made to form during class for added attention.
  • Kim incorporates the use of small props for challenge, support and variety.
  • Mat classes are a great place to learn exercises that can also be done at home.
  • Our Mat Classes are run on a 9-week term plan.
  • Mat classes are recommended for clients with no major injuries, speak to Kim if you have any questions about compatibility with the class.

Studio Environment

Our studio classes are more than just a reformer class, each session you will use specialised equipment designed by Joseph Pilates that will support and challenge your needs.

The equipment is there to make your workout fun and exciting. It also helps to find just the right level of intensity, support and resistance, to improve.

  • Our studio equipment includes reformer, trapeze, wunda chair, high barrel, spine corrector and small apparatus.
  • This space is all about you, whether you are working in a group or on your own in a private session.
  • Studio classes are a great place to start – you can work on one area at a time and without having to support your whole body, the equipment is there to assist while you are learning.
  • The studio space can help us discover the areas of our body that we hold in tension and encouragement to let go and find a better way to live and move.
  • Kim offers a guiding hand throughout each class to put you on the right track.

Personalised and Customised

With Kim’s classes at , there is no one size fits all solution. In the studio environment, you will get the attention that you need. Kim will help you find solutions to your injuries and ways to deal with chronic pain or improve flexibility and doing the things that you love.