Pilates is a form of exercise that works the entire body and concentrates on "core muscles" within the abdomen and back. This enables a person to develop core strength and stability through the entire torso improving posture, awareness of breath and overall wellbeing.

Pilates has many styles taught across the world with a common philosophy applied to each approach adopted.
Most training regimes focus heavily on isolated movements whereas Pilates concentrates on strengthening everyday functional movement patterns. The advantage of this approach allows you to strengthen muscles required for sport and everyday activities.

Pilates requires both mind and body to work together as one (in harmony) to ensure that you maximise your body's overall performance. This often challenges participants when first introduced to this style of exercise because you have
to work the right muscles groups effectively before being able to really extend yourself physically.

The Pilates method is all about doing the right things well... Quality over quantity!

Who, what and where?

Kim has a advanced diploma through Pilates ITC and is a member of Pilates Alliance Australasia with years of knowledge, practice and skills in both the fitness and the Pilates industries. Kim has a passion for sharing the power of Pilates and believes it can benefit everyone regardless of age, shape, size or fitness level.

Born in Albury, Kim has grown up in the region and has a good understanding of the local fitness industry. In that time Kim has divided her efforts between family and her professional fitness career. In recent years Kim has specialised in Pilates and is determined to provide Albury and the surrounding district with a Pilates program where clients can be exposed to a unique environment not found elsewhere in the region. This vision saw the creation of ThinkPilates.

ThinkPilates has a fully equipped studio located in the centre of Albury that offers a personalised and friendly service in a private setting. Kim has a full range of Pilates apparatus including larger equipment such as reformers, cadillacs, EXO chair, ped-o-pull and ladder barrel in addition to smaller equipment. These assist in both challenging and supporting the body, which allows for an effective, achievable and safe Pilates workout.

ThinkPilates provides a range of mat classes, private and corporate sessions:

Mat class numbers are limited to a maximum of eight people so that individual attention can be maintained which provides a personalised approach to your Pilates workout. This enables the needs and goals of each person in the group to be identified and monitored in each class.

Private and semi-private sessions are also available addressing more specific needs of the individual as well as a greater use of studio equipment for better understanding of your body. ThinkPilates can travel to your workplace and customise a class program based on the employee's needs and requirements. A Pilates exercise program can offer an employer something extra for their staff members who are looking 'outside the square' for improved staff wellbeing.



How do I get started?

ThinkPilates recommends an initial private session to educate your body and familiarise you with the foundations of the Pilates method. Kim can assess your individual needs before entering mat classes or choice of private sessions. Most importantly, please call so Kim can talk through the options available to you.


Timetable 2020


Term dates

  Term 1  Wednesday 5th February to Tuesday 7th April  
  Term 2  Monday 27th April to Monday 29th June  
  Term 3  Monday 20th July to Friday 18th September  
  Term 4  Monday 12th October to Friday 11th December  
  No session available on public holiday

 Mat classes

  Mon 9.15am   5.30pm      
  Tue 9.30am               
  Wed 12.15pm   5.15pm             
  Fri 7.00am   9.15am               

Group studio equipment sessions

  Monday 6.30pm  
  Wednesday 6.15pm  
  Thursday 10.00am  
  Saturday (casual)

8.30am & 9.30am


Private & semi private equipment sessions

  Monday to Saturday by appointment (available all year excluding public holidays)
  Ring or email Kim to arrange your first Pilates session

Fine print stuff


Fees must be paid in full before commencement of term to secure your desired class. ThinkPilates will send a confirmation of your placement once payment has been made.

Cancellation policy

24 hours cancellation notice is required for all private and semi private sessions otherwise a cancellation charge may apply.

4 hours notice must be given by text or email to ThinkPilates if unable to attended Mat class. Arrangements for a make up class can be made within the same term subject to availability after notice is provided.


What do I need?

Comfortable fitting clothes t-shirt Clean socks socks
No footwear required shoe Towel towel

Pricing details


Private & Semi Private Sessions

  1 x Private Session/Initial Consultation   $85
  3 x Private Session   $240
  5 x Private Session   $390
  8 x Private Session   $600
  1 x Semi Private Session, 2-3 people (per person rate)   $45

valid for 3 months


Mat Classes & Group Studio Sessions – 9 Week Term

  9 x Mat Classes (1 per week)   $220
  18 x Mat Classes (2 per week)   $355
  Casual Mat Classes   $27
  9 x Group Studio Sessions   $360
  Casual Group Studio Sessions (Saturday)   $45

Contact Thinkpilates

  Kim Mackinnon m: 0466 540 458 Suite12, first floor  
    t: 02 60218579 495 Dean Street  
    e: kim@thinkpilates.com.au CML Building  

Thank you for sending me a message.
I will get back to you soon.

Kim Mackinnon, ThinkPilates